Sunday, November 16, 2008

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

113 St. Mark’s Place, between 1st Ave. & Ave. A, south of 9th St.
Subway L line: exit 1st Ave & 14th St.
OR #6 Line: exit Astor Place

You get inside the way it was done in the days of the Speakeasy. Walk down a few steps from the sidewalk into a hot dog joint called Crif Dogs.

Amble past the vintage arcade machines and look for the phone booth against the wall on your left. Press the buzzer on the phone. If there’s room for you, the back of the phone booth will swing open, and you and your guests will be invited through.

Decor: Brick walls and a wood lath ceiling tricked out with a stuffed deer head, owl, and otter, and beneath the floorboards, a glass enclosed miniature landscape from a child’s train set – without a locomotive. Plus a few painted nudes.

Bartender Mag rated this one of the 20 top bars in the US! Seats only 50, and it's popular, so reserve. Hungry? Hotdogs are served via a hole in the wall from connecting Crif Dogs.

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