Monday, November 17, 2008

Trailer Park Lounge

Trailer Park Lounge
271 W. 23rd St. at 8th Ave. (Chelsea)
Open daily noon to 3:00 am

You can't miss it. Look for the spare tire and the pink toilet parked outside the garage door. Then, once you enter this place through the screen door, it’s like being trapped in a John Waters film. Trailer Park Lounge is an over-the-top ode to white trash. Pabst Blue Ribbon served in a can with a side of tater tots. Chili-macs and Moon Pies. No lie.

Did I mention the wall of Tonya Harding memorabilia? Elvis on velvet? Astro turf? No? Well, it’s all there, in lurid living color. Pick your way through the rubbish that passes for decor (folding lawn chairs, a sixty year old gasoline pump) and you'll find a pink flamingo or two, even a couple of bowling alley lockers. Check it out for yourself. Signature drink: Jim Bob’s I.Q.

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