Wednesday, April 1, 2009

230 Fifth Lounge & Rooftop Terrace

230 Fifth (open daily 4 pm to 4 am)
230 5th Avenue (at 27th St.)

Ride up in the gilded elevator and enter an Art-Moderne inspired room with floor to ceiling glass windows and beveled mirrors, all capped by a lacquered red ceiling (Austin Powers would be right at home here). The lounge is fitted with curvy suede sofas and modernist furnishings.

Ascend another level, however, up the chrome staircase to a stunning rooftop space that stays open all year round – this is why you’ve come here. The views are awe inspiring, the New York skyline shining, the Empire State Building towering right before you. Pricey cocktails and a varied wine list on offer.


guinegag said...

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