Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleep Pods - NYC Metro Naps

OK - you've come to the city that never sleeps. And while the biggest of all apples might not need rest, you own body starts to let you down. Maybe it was last night's third glass of wine, or the knockout bar tender who inspired you to stay until closing (were you REALLY out until 4 am?), but it's now 2 p.m. and what you really need is a nap. You're in midtown, but your hotel is a daunting 50 blocks north on the Upper East Side.

Not to worry. You can catch some much-needed Zs on the 22nd floor of the Empire State Building. Just the thing for your weary mind and feet, and the whole process takes less than 25 minutes of your valuable time.

Time for a recharge -- you'll lie down in a jet-age designed sleep pod and drift off as you listen to relaxation-inducing sounds. The sleep pod will then wake you in 20 minutes with a gentle combination of light and vibration. Next, you toddle over to the "Wake Station" to make use of the lotions, facial spritz and lemon-scented hand towels to bring you back to the real world. All for just $14 (additional 20 minutes $9.50).
Empire State Building
350 5th Ave (Suite 2210)
New York, NY 10118


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